Carskin is a series of vinyl that can be placed over the car body panels, letting you to change its colour. The design options include high gloss, regular gloss, satin, matte, gradient, chrome, 

carbon fiber and more.

You can remove Carskin anytime you want - which means you can always go back to your original colour.

Full Body Colour Change Carskin

Vinyl carskin can change the whole colour of your exterior, and it is 100% removable. You can restore the car to its original colour after the  removal. Also, cost of vinyl wrap is lower than a comparable paint job.

There are limitless colour choices. You can choose one colour, or mix and match different colours of your choice. 

Partial Carskin

Partial car skins are defined as vehicle coverage that is less than a full wrap, but more than decals. You can make your car look different by adding little accents with partial wraps like: matte black hood, gloss black roof or mirrors, and carbon fibre front lips, etc. Options are countless.

Custom Carskin

If you want something more special than full body colour change car skin, we can always custom design your car. It is possible to print images, illustrations, and writings and wrap the full/partial car. 

If you are looking for commercial wrapping, this is a perfect option of you as well.

Interior Carskin

Not all interior pieces can be wrapped, but most of smooth surfaces can be wrapped. Unlimited colour and material options are available. 

Chrome Delete

Exterior chrome pieces may not be your taste. We can wrap all the chrome pieces to black. Gloss black, satin black, matte black can make your car look more aggressive.

Custom Decals

Any decals you like: stripes, social media ids, flags, company logos, your favourite brand logos and more can be printed and plotted for you. 

Benefits of Carskin

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Change colour anytime

Not all the OEM paints satisfy your colour choices. You can change the colour of your car anytime, to any colours. 

Keep your original colour 

Once you paint your car, it can not go back to its original condition. But Carskin can be easily installed and removed so you can keep your OEM paint in a good condition.

Make it custom just for you

We carry over 1000+ colours. You can choose any of your favourite colours and finishes to make your car more special among the others.

Minimal downtime

Compared to paint, wrapping a car takes less time. Even though we spend extra amount of time and care to the wrap, the turnaround time is still faster than painting.

How can I get a Quote?

The best way to get a quote is that if you can take photos 

of the parts you want to wrap, 

and send it to us with Year/Make/Model of your car. 

Any sample photos or deisgns from other websites or your own photos or sketches can be sent to us too! 

Anything that can help us visualize your thoughts and ideas will be helpful for us to give you exact quote.

They can be sent through Email, Text, Instagram DM, Kakao Talk, and WeChat.

Email: [email protected]

Instagram DM, Kakao Talk, WeChat ID: ONEAUTOSTUDIO