Ceramic Coating interlocks their molecular structure with the paint surface molecules to protect and maintain the original colour and the look.

It provides previously unachievable levels of slickness, gloss, durability, and chemical resistance.

Our Recent Work

System X Ceramic Coating

Wish to know more about Ceramic Coating?

Watch the video from System X Ceramic Coating manufacturer!

Glass Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating Visibility is another level!

Watch the Coated/Uncoated glass visibility difference!

Exterior Ceramic Coating

Exterior Ceramic Coating can protect your gloss/matte paint surfaces and lights, chromes, plastic, and aluminum surfaces. 

7H-9H hardness coating will save your paint from light scratches and swirls. Ceramic Coating will make your paint glossier and shiner than ever. 

Window Ceramic Coating

Glass coating improves driver visibility in all weather conditions. Increase visibility in the rain (beads up and rolls off the treated glass), easily de-ice in the winter and easily clean insect matter in the summer time. 


Rims & Callipers Ceramic Coating

Rims and Caliper coating has advanced heat resistance and chemical resistance to dirt and break dusts. It is also hydrophobic which makes the rims easier to clean. By Ceramic Coating's UV resistance, your Rim and Caliper will not lose its original colour.

Interior Ceramic Coating

Super hydrophobic coating protects your interior surfaces like fabric seats, carpet, any leather surfaces and vinyl. 

Spills and stains clean up easily and quickly. 

Any damages from UV oxidation can be protected by Ceramic Coating, so your interior colour will not lose it's vivid colour.

Shoe Ceramic Coating (Fabric)

Fabric Ceramic Coating transforms the substrate into a hydrophobic surface. Water and other liquids will roll off without making stains on the fabric. It will still allow the fabric material to breathe and still retains the natural feel and flexible nature. Fabric Ceramic Coating  will also slow down the aging process, but enhances its colour longer than non-coated materials.

Garments Ceramic Coating (Leather)

Genuine leathers deserve special treatment. Adding a layer of Ceramic Coating on your Leather accessories will help from UV oxidation, staining, and discolouration from your own sweat. 

Leather protectors in the market sometimes change to finish off the natural leather texture, but Ceramic Coating will still keep the natural leather finish and colour. 

Why Ceramic Coat My Car?

Surface Protection - Stronger Paint Surface

When Ceramic Coating cures, it becomes more harder than paint. OEM paint is about 3H, and Ceramic Coating is between 7H to 9H+ which makes it more resistant than your original clear coat. Due to the higher hardness of ceramic coating, it give less chance to get swirls or light scratches.

Surface Protection - UV or Chemical Damages

Ceramic Coating also  protects your vehicle from harmful UV rays. Continuous exposure to UV rays will oxidize and fade your original paint and plastics colours. Chemical stains from acidic contaminants that ponds to your paint will also be prevented. 

Easy Maintenance (Hydrophobic)

Your vehicle will stay cleaner for longer time period. Debris, liquids, and chemicals BOUNCE OFF the Ceramic Coated surface more easily instead of damaging it. This will let you to spend less time and energy to wash your vehicle.

On rainy days, your vision will be crystal clear compared to non Ceramic Coated windows.  

Good Investment

The coating will protect your vehicle's exterior and interior from deteriorating for a lifetime. The resale market value will therefore be substantially higher than the car that was not coated.. Your investment of Ceramic Coating will pay itself in the end by keeping your vehicle clean.

Questions & Answers

" Differences between 

Ceramic Coating & PPF?"

- Ceramic Coating is a thick liquid that can mainly protect your car from UV or chemical damages. It can also protect from light stone chips and swirls since Ceramic Coating hardens the surface. Good thing about Ceramic Coating is that it can be applied on ANYTHING such as paint, windows, rims, interior surfaces. 

- Paint Protection FIlm (PPF) is a clear vinyl that mainly focuses for paint surface damages such as rock chips, scratches from road debris, keying, nails etc. 

You have an option to add Ceramic Coating on top of the PPF to easily maintain the shine. Also, Ceramic Coating can be applied on the surfaces that are not protected by PPF.

"Ceramic Coating does not need Car Wash?"

Ceramic Coating's hydrophobic feature definitely helps to weaken the bonding among the surface and road debris. Under this theory you should always be available to keep clean car just by pouring water. But road we drive on, always has oils and oils repels water but attracts dusts. So you must wash the car with PH balanced soap to completely wash oil stains. But you need less often and less energy involved to wash your Ceramic Coated car.

"Can I put a wax on

Ceramic Coating? "

No you do not need to put any sort of wax on your car after ceramic coating.  

"How should I maintain Ceramic Coating in a good condition?"

Make sure you take care of your Ceramic Coating. As you know, same as un-coated car, it is better to avoid parking under the tree to avoid tree saps, or wash bug acid often during summer times, or going into harsh brush car wash. If you are a person who enjoys washing the car and wants to add something in your routine, using sealant spray would definitely help.

It is a must to visit us for Ceramic Coating maintenance wash at least once a year. We will detail wash your exterior and add Coating maintenance product that will help your coating last longer. 

What to prepare before Ceramic Coating?

We will professionally wash your car 

prior to Carskin installation process,

so you do not need to wash your car before coming to us.

If your vehicle is not brand new and has some scratches 

and stone chips, please bring OEM touch up paint with you.

Please make sure to remove your personal belongings 

prior to appointment date.

Further questions?

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