Ceramic Coating interlocks their molecular structure with the surface molecules of paintwork to literally become the functional surface of your vehicles paintwork.

It provides previously unachievable levels of slickness, gloss, durability, and chemical resistance.

Diamond Ceramic Coating

Lasts 7-8 Years in Canadian Weather

9H Hardness/Hydrophobic

Diamond will make your car shine stronger than it ever has. Relentless water beading and the self-cleaning effect will keep your car looking great in between washes. Diamond was designed specifically for those with discerning tastes for an exceedingly rich and glossy finish, as well as its ability to resist elements and protect for the lifetime of your car. 

Crystal Ceramic Coating

Lasts 2 - 3 Years in Canadian Weather

7H Hardness/Hydrophobic

Crystal Ceramic Coating is a professional grade coating - offering superior protection from chemical etching due to environmental impacts. Crystal imparts an outstanding gloss, and protects your paint from everyday contamination through its tough chemical resistance and release properties.

Sealant Coating

Lasts 4-6 Months in Canadian Weather


Based on Sillica Nanotechnology, it's amazing hydrophobic properties makes water bead off like no other. 

Interior Ceramic Coating

Lasts 2-3 Years 

Super hydrophobic coating based on advanced nanotechnology protects your interior surfaces like fabric seats, carpet, leather and vinyl. Spills and stains clean up easily and quickly. This coating will not make interior feel stiff or scratchy, but will retain original feel and look.

Window Ceramic Coating

Lasts 6 Months-2 Years

Glass coating improves driver visibility in all weather conditions. Increase visibility in the rain (beads up and rolls off the treated glass), easily de-ice in the winter and easily clean insect matter in the summer time. 


Rims & Callipers Ceramic Coating

Lasts 2-3 Years

Rims and Caliper coating has advanced heat resistance and chemical resistance to dirt and break dusts. It is also hydrophobic which makes the rims easier to clean. 

Ceramic Coating Benefits

Protects from harmful UV rays

Harmful UV rays from Sun can damage the paint of your car. Ceramic Coating will protect your car's paint from oxidizing and fading.

Protects from chemicals

Ceramic Coating can prevent chemical stains from acidic contaminants. A coating will not let those chemicals ponding into the paint. 

Easier to maintain your car (Hydrophobic)

Car stays cleaner for longer time period. Debris, liquids, and chemicals bounce off the exterior more easily instead of damaging it.

Enhances the look of paint

Ceramic coating will make your car shine and glossy. This sparkling appearance can be achieved after proper prep work before coating application.

Ceramic Coating Myths

Please read this before you decide!

Ceramic Coating does not need car wash?

False! Ceramic Coating needs at least 1 touchless car wash every 1-2 weeks, and at least 1 hand wash a month or two. If dirt piles up on top of the coating, coating will not do its work well. Most of the dirts or chemicals will be beaded off, but leftovers need to be washed as soon as possible.  

Proper way of carwash will increase the lifespan of your Ceramic Coating. Adding a little coating protective spray is good, but you must not wax your car.

Ceramic Coating will save my paint?

This could be both True and False.

Ceramic Coating can save your paint from UV rays, water, and chemicals, etc. But Ceramic Coating cannot save your car from scratches or stone chips (this is what PPF does). Although Ceramic Coating is "scratch resistant", it can help on minor scratches or swirl, not deep scratches.

Paint Correction is a MUST 

before Ceramic Coating your Car

Because all the imperfections on your paint will be sealed underneath the Ceramic Coating. And because Ceramic Coating makes your car more shine, imperfections become more visible after application.

Paint Correction cost may vary by the current condition of your paint. Please bring touch up paint with you.

(Touch up paints can be purchased in dealerships.)

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