PPF is applied to the surface of the vehicle to create a barrier against water, insects, road debris, and other stains. It is a thick clear or matte finish vinyl that can protect your car from stone chips and scratches. Our PPF vinyl has self-healing benefits, and it has HydroResist top coat. 

Basic PPF #1

Partial PPF that covers 

the most important part of your car:

- Door Cups

- Door Edges

- Head Lights

Basic PPF #2

Partial PPF that covers 1/3 of front panels to minimize the chance of stone chip damages:

- Partial Hood

- Partial Fenders

- Head Lights 

Full Front End PPF

Full PPF that covers all the front panels to save you from stone chip damages:

- Full Hood

- Full Fenders

- Front Bumper

- Head Lights

Full Body Gloss PPF

Full Body Gloss PPF covers all painted panels and Lights of your car. No need to worry about scratches and stone chips on any panels of your car.

Full Body Stealth PPF

Full Body Stealth PPF covers all painted panels of your Car. Lights and high gloss areas can be covered with gloss ppf. 

Matte car paint can not be paint corrected and repainting can not match the OEM colour.  PPF is a MUST For OEM Matte or Satin coloured cars.

Tinted Light PPF (Light/Dark Smoke)

Tinted Light Protection film also has same benefits from clear PPF. It is not suitable for car body. We have light smoke, dark smoke, and yellow tinting available.

Benefits of PPF

Retains resale value

PPF can protect your car from stone chips and scratches. Original condition of the car will remain. 

Repels damage 

From harmful UV ray damages to scratches, bug stains, rush, discolouration, etc can be protected by PPF.

High gloss 

Gloss PPF we have has high-gloss appearance on your car's surface. It also has hydrophobic coating on the surface, so your car can look glossier than ever.

It is cost effective

Even though installing PPF is not the cheapest services, constantly repairing scratches, rust, and paint chips on your vehicle can get more expensive. By preventing these damages from the first place, PPF can save your money on repairs in the future.



10 Year Manufacture Warranty & 1 Year Installation Warranty included

How can I get a Quote?

The best way to get a quote is that if you can let us know 

which part of the car you want to protect with Paint Protection Film.

And send it to us with Year/Make/Model of your car.

Anything that can help us visualize your thoughts and ideas will be helpful for us to give you exact quote.

They can be sent through Email, Text, Instagram DM, Kakao Talk, and WeChat.

Email: [email protected]

Instagram DM, Kakao Talk, WeChat ID: ONEAUTOSTUDIO